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About Us

For over 30 years Andrew Hall has used a large range of plant machinery to carry out work for farmers and landowners. The scope of his work encompasses all types of excavation involving large soil movement, including farm and forest roads and tracks for example but throughout, his skill involving anything to do with water has come to the fore, even land drainage etc.

However in Shropshire where the company is based, personal recommendation has been the major reason for his vast experience ranging from irrigation reservoirs, to cleaning out lakes and large pools, restoring them to their former glory and in particular the repair of dams.

To see the landscape change from a grass field to a beautiful lake of several acres, for fishing or wildlife purposes, gives great satisfaction to both Andrew and his son Russell, who has grown up with this work and whose knowledge in this field exceeds expectation for his years.

Sometimes you need to be able to see how a lake or pool will sit in the landscape and decades of experience with an eye for the design of such features, along with the knowledge to use the right equipment for the job is what has earned Andrew his enviable reputation.

Although based in Shropshire, Andrew is happy to consider any projects within Great Britain, wherever the work is carried out Andrew and Russell are "hands on" contractors, on site and working the machines, aided only by operators known to them and seasoned in the way they work. Their reputation is important to them and they look after it!

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