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New and Restored Lakes

A new fishing lake, restoration of an existing pool or lake, the repair of a dam to re-instate a once beautiful area of water on your land, these are all projects that we at A.P.Hall specialise in and have great satisfaction and pride putting into place.

It may be a project you are considering because you are looking to diversify and wish to ensure the land and resources you have are achieving the best possible return. It could be a life long dream to see a fishing or wildlife lake on your land. Whatever the reason, we know that a body of water on your property is a desirable feature which not only adds beauty and pleasure to your property for you to enjoy but also adds value should you ever consider selling.

At A.P.Hall we have the knowledge to explore these ideas and the experience and vision to know whether they can become a reality. From design right through to the finished project our hands-on, practical approach is what our customers appreciate.

Our scope of work includes all types of excavation but our irrigation reservoirs for agricultural purposes and our reputation for solving the most puzzling of problems with "leaking" dams etc. is what we are drawn towards and find so satisfying.

We invite you to take a few minutes to browse our website and view the photographs of various projects we have undertaken. If you are considering such a project this is where you should start! You are welcome to give us a call for a no obligation chat, your idea could soon become a reality.

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