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Lake Restoration

Lake restoration can be very satisfying for our clients and us. Both of these examples are on large country estates and were restored for different reasons. The first as part of a continuing programme to restore all areas of a beautiful family estate and the second as part of a project to primarily generate income by restoring the lakes to lease for fishing.

Efficiency when carrying out the cleaning out of old lakes and pools is paramount to keeping costs down and maintaining a realistic budget, making the project worthwhile for both parties. Often these restoration projects must be coupled with the restoration of an old dam. This can be very challenging but very rewarding professionally.

Restoration of lake in South Shropshire

1. Overgrown, silted-up lake

Hard to believe there is a jetty and boathouse once in use here but now surrounded by sludge and thick undergrowth.

2. Work in progress

Work underway but whatever machinery is involved it is paramount that care is taken not to damage mature trees that make up the beautiful surrounds of the original lake.

3. Completed and returned to former glory

The jetty and boathouse restored, the lake re-instated, once more this beautiful place is ready for use, as it was originally intended.

Silted lake on Shropshire - Welsh Borders


It can be hard to believe fish will ever swim in this lake ever again, if it
can even be called a lake at this stage.


How different it all looks now - what was a redundant area of land not only
looks good but is capable of generating extra income for the landowner.


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